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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pilot Service: what are the tasks of this Department?

This department is responsible for piloting sea-going vessels. Pilotage involves guiding a ship through the narrow and shallow channels of Surinamese waters. A pilot sheds ships within the Surinamese coast; from the Suzanna's valley to Paranam and an outer warehouse piloted both ships within the Surinamese river and the coast; that is from the sea to Paranam and / or Nieuw Nickerie.

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Maritime Administration: what is the work of the Department?

The Maritime Administration Department supervises compliance with legal regulations regarding shipping and shipping traffic. In addition, the department is responsible for the inspection of international ships calling at the Surinamese ports and ships in inland waterways. She also carries out security checks on ports and ships. The rules laid down in conventions ratified by Suriname are also considered

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How is a piloting requested?

A service agent requests a service electronically via a pilot request form


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Nautical Management: what are the core tasks of the hydrography Department?

The task of the Hydrography & Channel Management department is to periodically conduct hydrographic surveys in the rivers that provide access to the ports. This means mapping of these rivers and indicating the route with the greatest draft (the navigation channel). Automatic registration of the tidal movement takes place through a tide measurement network.

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Fleet & Maintenance: with which this department is involved?

The subsection Fleet manages three pilot boats in Paramaribo, one hydrographic vessel Pasisi and the Multipurpose vessel Marwina. The latter vessels also carry out assignments for third parties such as hydrographic measurements and the construction of waterway markers.

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