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Chart no. River
Suriname River
Braamspunt to Dijkveldbank
2766 Corantijn and Nickerie River
INT 4191/2764 Guyana - Suriname Berbiceriver to Suriname River
2014 Suriname North Coast
Corantijn River to Suriname River
2017 South America North Coast
2219 Commewijne and Cottica River to Moengo


ENC River
SR302014  North Coast of Suriname  
SR402218 Approach to Suriname River
SR52218A Paramaribo
SR52218B Paranam Bight
SR402766 Corantijn River Lange Island to Groot Baviaan Island Groot Baviaan Island to Teiroeroe Island
SR5C2766 Corantijn River - Wasjabo to Betonsteiger
SR5D2766 Nickerie River - Nickerie Point to Waterloo

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